Welcome to the Veterinary Groups

The Veterinary Groups were founded by Dr. Antonio Miele in 1985 when the first NYC Veterinary Group animal hospital was opened in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Veterinary Group was named after a concept that Dr. Miele had dreamed about. As the name implies, the Groups were founded in an effort to form a team of highly trained individuals that work together collectively for the benefit of our patients. All of the team Veterinarians work harmoniously, providing a vast array of services from general practice, to exotics, to emergency and critical care, to specialty and referral service, to geriatrics, to holistics, and now they have a new 24-hour animal hospital across the Atlantic in Rome, Italy. This type of practice vastly improves the care and personalized attention that we give to our patients.

Dr Miele is still currently practicing veterinary medicine at several of the Brooklyn and Staten Island locations, as well as seeing patients in his house call practice.. In addition, he currently serves as a consultant for the Veterinary Consultation Service LLC.

The Veterinary Groups are a collection of veterinary hospitals located in Brooklyn, Staten Island and Rome in Italy, as well as a house call practiced based out of New Jersey. All of our hospitals have convenient office hours and provide a synergistic advantage for the quality of care.

To know better Dr. Antonio Miele and the Veterinary Groups, watch videos below (in italian language).

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Listed below you will find the names of our practices and links to their individual websites (where available), their locations and phone numbers, as well as some of our Group member Doctors.
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